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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> bob: cowboys beat the giants last night. too bad. >> andrea: that is it for us for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. tune in to fox news tonight for coverage of the democratic national convention on its last night. we'll have it for you there live. see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: in a campaign season all about jobs president obama tries to convince america to let him keep his. live from the democratic convention, this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good eveningment i'm bret baier. this is the final night of the democratic gathering and time warner cable arena in charlotte. tonight, the president will make his case for re-election to millions of americans. a case, senior aides say will include a specific road ahead.
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ed henry reports in the smaller venue, the president will be competing not just with mitt romney, but with his democratic predecessor and himself. >> reporter: after wrapping nims the arms of president bill clinton and the policies that created millions more jobs than he has, behind closed doors, president obama quickly went back to work on his speech late in the night. with one close advisor telling fox he is always tinkering with big addresses like his first acceptance speech in 2008. the editing process on this one continued right down to the wire today. as the president also convened a conference call with supporters disappointed by the venue change from bank of america stadium. >> it won't be a big a crowd. it will be less fanfare. >> reporter: a clear attempt to lower expectation expectatioe fanfare of 80,000 screaming fans in denver four years ago. top advisors promise tonight there will be some new policy proposals to highlight a lack of specificity from republican mitt romney last week.
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>> hopefully, at the end of this convention people will say you know what we accomplish, what we needed to. and delivered our vision for the country. offered a clear contrast to what people saw in tampa. >> voters have also now seen obama camp try to move the goalpost. with clinton central claim it was impossible to turn the economy around in four years. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> accept at the beginning of his presidency, mr. obama did suggest he could do it in one term or else. >> a year from now, i think people are going to see that we're starting to make some
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progress. if i don't have it done in three years it will be a one-term proposition. >> reporter: top aides today said the president will try to bridge that divide by laying out exactly what he would do in a second term. >> he has a vision of how to rebuild this economy in a way that will be meant to last, where the middle class is at its core, the foundation of a strong economy. the president will lay out what that path is forward. >> immediately tomorrow the president will get back on the campaign trail in new hampshire and iowa, bus tour in florida over the weekend. something else big is happening tomorrow, the august jobs report. that will have a major impact on whether he gets a little bounce, big bounce or no bounce at all, bret. >> bret: this place is packed. don't see a lot of empty seats. obviously, 70,000 roughly in the bank of america stadium coming down to 20,000. a lot of angst among democrats or did they manage to tamp it down with the conference call? >> they are concerned that people will be disappointed but are trying to get overflow
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parties in charlotte. i have have hangout around the country in battleground states to show they are reaching out to the swing voters. >> bret: all right, ed. thank you. waitingen if excerpts from the speech. democrats in charlotte are still doing damage control over the emission of referenc references to "god" and "jerusalem" in the original platform for this fall. the parliamentary mess on the convention floor trying to get it back in. senior national correspondent john roberts has an update. >> platform debacle left a mess for the obama campaign and surrogates to clean up. though throughout they had difficulty getting on the same page. was it intentionm? >> it was not intentional. absolutely not. >> it was unfortunate omission. >> under any circumstances they were a mistake. >> whatever it was, it unveiled a sharp point of disagreement, the convention that is supposed to be about the party armny. jewish democrats were upset that the pledge, jerusalem is and always will be the capital of israel was removed from the platform. >> this language needed, jerusalem needed to be added
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back in, because it's consistent with everything else in there already. >> i thought it needed to be very, very clear. so no one could misinterpret. so that is why the language is inserted so no one can distort it. >> all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all the delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> muslim and arab american democrats felt railroaded on the vote to put jerusalem back in a.m. they clearlin. clearly the nays had it. >> it bothered me it was put together in a stream roller fashion. the vote wasn't there. >> the nays had it. a count should have been taken. hard to do it in this setting, i understand.
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>> the convention managed to avoid potentially embarrassing roll call on third voice vote. to say it was a foregone conclusion is understatement. they were prewritten on the teleprompter. >> in the opinion of the chair, two-third voted in the affirmative. the motion is adopted. we learned more about how the jerusalem language was dropped in the first place. when the plank was drafted it was written to reflect president's official policy that jerusalem is matter for final status negotiations. the drafting committee thought since the party and the president's personal position on jerusalem that the capital of israel was well known there was no reason to mention it. wexler told me at no time in the drafting process did anybody think putting that language in or taking it out, rather would cause any concer concern. he told me in hindsight somebody would think it was a smart thing to cause so much
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confusion in all of this. bret? >> bret: more with the panel on this. john roberts on the floor. thank you. republican nominee mitt romney gave his rebuttal to president's speech early today. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that part of the story. >> reporter: mitt romney met with the campaign veteran volunteers in new hampshire and criticized the president ahead of tonight's speech. >> what i would like him to do is report on his promises, but there are forbotte forgotten prs and people. >> he said he wasn't going to watch the president. >> if i heard in the excerpts put out that the president will report on the promises he made and how he has performed in the promises i'd love to watch it. if it's another series of new promises he is not going to keep i have no interest in seeing them. >> colorado springs, paul ryan ridiculed democrats for omitting and clumsily restoring "god" to platform. >> they cut references to god out of their platform. they reverse course on that
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one yesterday. it wasn't really a popular reversal if you watch it on the tv. but to quote a prominent journalist from wisconsin, they were against god before they were for him. >> team romney anticipated former president clinton would rock the democrats' house and had an ad ready where clinton disputed obama's plan for the economy. he was questioning then candidate obama integrity for pumpal himself up as one of the first iraq war critics. >> he is a good soldier, helping his party's president. what did bill clinton say about obama in 2008? >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. >> clinton and first lady michelle obama prime time speeches got rave reviews, the platform fight and hate-filled rhetoric from a few delegates have been a problem. three prominent democrats from different states had to apologize for separate interviews they compared republican and paul ryan to nazis and the chairman of the paul beach county democrat
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mark allen seigel said he was sorry after he said this in an interview with the "patriot update." >> the worst possible ally of the jewish state is the fundamental christians who want crews to die and concert and bring on the second coming. it's a full friendship. >> he has take an leigh of absence but some want his resignation now. now that he is officially the nominee can spend $150 he put in the bank for the general election. now he can begin to spend it and massive ad lift tomorrow for what amounts to the final sprint on the air and on the ground to election day. >> bret: carl come ron with governor romney. thank you. secret service is looking in the case of democratic dill gait who said she -- delegate who said she would like to kill mitt romney. female delegate from puerto rico now living in new york is seen making the statement on a
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video. she said governor romney would destroy the country. the head of the democratic party trapped by her own words. later in the grapevine. up next, new word by bob woodward tells us how we got to the edge of the financial cliff. throughout the show we'll give you tour of the convention hall before the speech. i want to give you perspective on the vip seating. to my left is the president's box. where first lady michelle obama will sit. vice president biden, dr. biden. to see the president speak tonight, see the perspective to the stage. it's pretty close. it will be loud. a different venue than bank of america stadium. "special report" continues right after the break..
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charlotte. getting red dill for the big speech. just in time for the november election, home stretch, a new book portrays president obama as overconfident, underprepared, and unwilling to nurture relationships with the congressional leaders from either party. not a gloring portrayal. the price of politics is written by noted author bob woodward. not exactly a conservative idealogue. chief national correspondent jim angle has a first look. >> two weeks before inauguration, president elect obama and joe biden went to capitol hill to tell leaders of both party he is wanted a stimulus package of $800 billion to $1.3 trillion. he asked for everyone's ideas and both parties said the atmosphere for bipartisan cooperation was sincere on all sides. but then the president went his own way, as the book puts it, president obama and his advisors believe, "government spending could create jobs and grow the economy." that's why republicans believe helping small business would create more jobs. just after taking office, the new president invited
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congressional leaders to the white house. eric cantor, republican leader arrived with a list of proposals including immediate reduction in the two lowest individual income tax rates. tax reduction of 20% on small businesses. making unemployment benefit tax-free among other things. in spite of the pledge to cooperate, president rejected cantor's ideas and according to the book rubbed it in saying "election have consequences, and eric, i won." the president was having trouble with conservative democrats as well. at one point, democratic leaders nancy pelosi and senator harry reid were wor working on changes aimed at winning their support. president obama called, put on speakerphone and told the efforts would save the economy. pelosi and reid thanked him, but then mr. obama launched in a lengthier speech. according to the book, pelosi hit the mute button and the democrats went back to the work leafing the president speaking in the ozone, which pelosi denies.
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>> i don't even have any idea where they could have gotten the thought. usually i don't have anybody in the room. >> there were two white house officials in the room as well, rahm emanuel and budget director peter one of them eventually talked. it passed without a single republican vote. eric cantor later looked back and said he was surprised, the book says, at "how badly the white house played what should have been a winning hand." obama won the vote but cantor thought he unified and energized the losers. not only had obama missed an opportunity to work with republicans, he had pushed them away, republicans grumbled. squandered opportunity to work across the aisle. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. let's get some thoughts now from syndicated columnist charles krauthammer who is also in washington tonight. good evening, charles. i want to start with this god and jerusalem platform deal. is this going to linger beyond this convention week? >> thanks to the vast majority of democrats, no.
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but is there is a very important involved pro-israel constituency that i think has had its eyes open. number one, the fact that this could actually be dropped. support of israel position on jerusalem from the platform, in the first place. second, the visual of the strong opposition to restoring it in the democratic party, as could be seen on the floor. the booing when that was finally incorporated. i think that will leave an impression, and i think it will leave the impression that the democratic party under obama has sure shifted in the support of israel. >> bret: in the last second, campaign released excerpts from president obama's speech tonight. i won't read them here, we will get into them in the panel but he is basically going to say a specific way forward and he will have specific gomes on manufacturings, energy, education, national security and deficit. deficit, he says, reduce the deficit by more than $4 trillion in the next
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decade. your thoughts on the president's speech just hearing those bare bones right there. >> if that is what he does it will be a failure. that is what he has done in every single "state of the union" address since his inauguration, promise of this, doubling exploits here, blowing the deficit there. none of which has come true. the most important promise that stimulus would keep unemployment down to 6%, of course, widely off-base. i think unless he is specific, it will have no effect whatsoever. >> bret: charles, i got e-mail from your comment about moving of the venues from bank of america stadium to here. about the weather. you said democrats knew months ago what the weather would be like thursday. i guess some of the critics were saying are you attributing supernatural powers to the democrats? >> the idiocy of those responses is surprising even me. clearly, september 6 comes to charlotte every year, every single year.
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there are 100 years of data on what the likelihood of the weather is going to be. statistics would show how likely is storms, wind, rain. the democrats knew that, saw how benign the predictions were. therefore, scheduled a outdoor event. and then with one or two days to go, they schedule it because of a 20% chance of rain? give me a break. people who play croquet go out with a 20% chance of rain i'm afraid -- color me skeptical on this one. >> bret: by the way, the sun is shining here in charlotte tonight. >> as i predicted. as i predicted last night. >> bret: thank you. we'll see you later for the special. still ahead, does the president still have it for the big speeches? first, concern about how much of a voice members of the military will have in the november election?
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>> bret: democratic chair debbie waserman schultz addressing the delegates here. applications for unemployment benefit dipped by 12,000 last week. survey of private sector hiring says employers added about 200,000 jobs last month. the big jobs report out tomorrow morning. optimism over the european central bank bond buying program sparked a big day on wall street. the dow surged 244-1/2 to close at the highest mark in almost five years. s&p 500 was up 29. nasdaq gained 66-1/2. now to a story about armed forces personnel and the fall election. four years ago, veterans and active duty went for john mccain by ten points. gallup says veterans are breaking for mitt romney this
3:24 pm
year by about 17. as far as active duty, senior correspondent eric shawn tells us the question may not be whom they are voting for, but whether they are voting at all. they fight for our freedom on the front lines but few are member of the military will be voting. as we approach the 45-day mailing deadline, the number of absen see ballots requested by eligible military voters is dramatically down, according to the military voter protection project. >> we can see an election where turn-out is down 25, 30, 35%. >> they say in crucial swing state of ohio, only 3.3% of eligible military voters have requested ballots of a week-and-a-half ago. in north carolina, just 1.7%. virginia. 1.4%. florida, 15.7%. members of the militarism center to vote from the home states. in 2009, congress passed the military and overseas voter
3:25 pm
empowerment act, meant to help smooth the voting process. >> with the slow numbers, it raised questions for us not whether the service members have the voices heard on election day but more importantly whether the important federal law was implemented. >> head of the pentagon voting program says the military voting assistance has never been better. citing the voting assistance office and use of social media. >> we are committed to evaluating all the tools in our arsenal. we will work with the congress and the state effective voters including the services to continue to take a look at that. and refine way in which we conduct the outreach to absentee voters. >> the pentagon says the military voter administration is running about the same as in 2004. the last time an incumbent president was on the ballot. bret? >> bret: eric, thank you. syrian troops reportedly have recaptured the town on the jordanian border in an attempt to cut off refugees. that town along the border.
3:26 pm
fighting is also going on near the capital of damascus. activists say nearly 5,000 people were killed in august. the highest monthly total since the conflict began. next grapevine, very loose definition of art in upstate new york. and the head of the democratic party as she speaks now gets caught on tape. okay, here is the stage. seating on the floor is important and very telling. look at the states down here. vice president home state of delaware. president home state of illinois. rest are swing states. colorado, virginia, over here in the corner, iowa. and nevada. up here in the corner in the front, the home state of north carolina. where this is being held. also, swing state. it will be noisy down here. now you know why they are down on the floor. "special report" continues after the break. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. it looks like national committee chairman debbie waserman schultz who finished speaking here has come out on the wrong side of a he said/she said/he said. after the "washington examiner" reported comments about israel and republicans, israeli ambassador michael oren said she was categorically wrong. the dnc chief claimed the reporter got her stance on israel and the republicans wrong, which she explained to shepard smith tuesday night. >> i didn't say he said that.
3:31 pm
unfortunately, that comment was reported by con seventive newspaper. not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me. >> bret: there is only one problem, though. "examiner" released audio of her saying exactly what he said she said. >> we know and i have heard -- [ inaudible ] oren said that republicans are doing is dangerous to israel. >> bret: as carl cameron alluded to earlier, the california democratic party chairman also had a pretty tough week. first, john burr top compared republican campaign maneuvers to the big lie tactic pros moted by the nazis. republicans balked and burton issued a statement saying he humbly apologized to anyone offended. he left the convention for a preschooled root canal in california. finally, upstate new york strip club trying to convince the state's highest court the nude lap dances are art.
3:32 pm
and should be taxic exempt. so far, the state department, the state tax department and appeals court disagree. they want night moves to pony up the $124,000 it owes in taxes. the club is relying on a cultural anthropologist who studied exotic dance and visited the establishment. the court typically takes a month to make a decision. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the top story at the bottom of the hour, president obama will make his case tonight when he accepts the democratic nomination in arena. the obama campaign said the speech was moved indoors because of the threat of thunderstorms. but will president obama be able to capture lightning in a bot the way he did four years -- bot th bottle the way d four years ago? here is james rosen. >> his words were like gold. his genius for language the stuff of a best selling memoi
3:33 pm
memoir, paving the path to the oval office. >> the change we need doesn't come from washington. change comes to washington. >> 8.2% of americans are still out of work. >> the dreary slog of economy that can't find the accelerator pedal coupled with the sensory overload of nonstop news psychole in time of war oversears and disunity at home -- nonstop news cycle in the time of war overseas and disunity at home. it leaves to us wonder if his surge will prove unsurmountable and whether he captures the magic of the dazzling early performances. >> a bright, shiny new silver dollar in 2008. but it's been rubbed down. it's obvious events have taken hold. obama is not what he once was. it isn't 2008 anymore. >> others wonder if become bam of 2008 was overrated. >> always top notch and top play. i never found him to be the
3:34 pm
supreme orator that people made him out to be. >> senior obama biden aide told fox news tonight is not about magic. they say the president will offer pragmatic vision with the eye on the tv viewer of the american heartland. across the last ten speeches to large crowds, mr. obama averaged a oatal running time of 24 minutes. his infrequent solo news >> gabby opened her eyes for the first time. >> the last memorial he turned in may have been at the memorial of gabrielle giffords and others in tucson. that was 20 months ago. >> you are not seeing him for the fist time or tenth time. the speech will rise to meet the moment we're in. the moment he must capture and the business he will do. on behalf of the american people. >> still other defenders of the president reminded us of the maxim to mario cuomo, they
3:35 pm
campaign in poetry but govern in prose. tonight's big address is delivered by an incumbent president. >> bret: you are at the floor. this place is packed. one thing going from the big stadium to this venue. i understand the floor area was shut down or is being shut down? >> it will be shut down 8:00 or 9:00 in tampa but tonight earlier. head problems to get to convention floor to do the live shot. we managed because there was a fox fan amongst security. we have even heard that representative j.k. butterfield who has been representing north carolina in the u.s. house since 4 got in a heated dispute minutes ago with folks that are barring the industry ways here. forced to throw out four hot dog he is purchased and luckily got on the floor, reminding you g.k. butterfield spoke on the convention floor earlier today. >> bret: don't leave to get food. thank you.
3:36 pm
we will get reaction to president clinton's big speech last night and talk about the continueed controversy over the platform before previewing the big speeches. the fox all-star join me after the break. glades >> fewer democrats are coming together for thursday night's big speech by the president. if you are going down from 70,000 seats to 20,000 seats, you have a logistical issue. tickets alone, who is going to get in and who is not. a sticky situation for the change of venue. it will be loud in here. it will be reaction to the president and probably play well on television. one thing will not happen for the tv cameras, you can see up here in the rafters there will be no balloon drop for this convention. "special report" continues after the break. bob...
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no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. but he has laid the foundations for a new modern successful economy. a shared prosperity. and if you will renew the president's contract, you will feel it. you will feel it. >> a year from now i think people will see we are starting to make some progress but there is still going to be pain out there. if i don't have it done in three years then it will be a one-term proposition. >> bret: well, the president gets ready to speak tonight, the obama campaign says they will bridge that divide tonight in this speech. the divide between possibly moving the goalposts of the u.s. economy and what the president said at the beginning of his term and what
3:41 pm
president clinton said last night. bring in the panel and start there. steve hayes for "weekly standard." mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. mara, we heard from these guys last night. this convention still buzzing about bill clinton. we're just hearing now that he will tour a number of battleground states, campaigning for the president next week. what about his message and how it went over a how it was delivered? >> i think it was delivered in vintage clinton style. self-indulgent and full of details, and very wonky and really per situationsiv -- pers. he told the obama story better than president told it himself. in terms of the role in the campaign, the obama campaign feel he is is a huge asset. not only are they using him on the trail but using him heavily in campaign advertisements. i do think that the effort of the romney campaign to try to drive a wedge between clinton
3:42 pm
and obama, even newt gingrich said clinton was an excellent president and obama has been pathetically bad, every time you do that you set up a softball over the plate for clinton to swat away and say i am for this guy and he will make them as good as i made them in the '90s. >> bret: is there a hurdle for president obama to get over? >> he set a high standard. the reaction in the hall was tumultuous. effective piece of political advocacy. clinton is the best combination lawyer/politician i've ever seen. he was at his best. i would say this. remember he is asking to us believe now that, asking to us believe after all this time, that he will be able to make things better and he could haven't done that. that is a striking thing to say about this president. it was mission impossible. this task to repair the economy to satisfactory level, which it is not in the opinion of the public, couldn'tably be
3:43 pm
done. that was the essence of it. when all the memory of the speech with all of its effect faded as it will, that is what you are left with. that adds to the burden. >> clinton is a character witness for barack obama. he is saying trust me, i am telling you that he will get the job done. think back to what we think of when we think of president clinton term in office. we think of the good economy. are independents going to think back, though he is popular now an think this is the most credible person i can hear from to assure me that things will get better in the second term. i'm dubious. >> i'm not. his approval ratings are through the roof. i find them remarkable and swa mystifying but he has approval rating close to 70%. when people think back, they have selective memories and they are not thinking about the things -- >> but remember now, even during the height of the
3:44 pm
lewinsky scandal when people were deeply disapproving of him personally he had high job approval ratings. the job approval lasts. if you ask him to rank clinton on trustworthiness i don't know if he would be that high. he is a great advocate and he did a great job. no question about it. he is popular, he did as well as he could do but he carries burden of credibility. >> one thing that the democrats have been trying to mop up is a convention platform deal with god and jerusalem. the people said the president called and once it was out he wanted to put words back in the platform. he didn't understand why they were taken out. the aides were asked about it today and the delegates weighed in on how it all went down. >> he thought it was important to put back in what has been in the platform from the
3:45 pm
capital -- jerusalem the capital putting it back in. >> he didn't know it was not in? >> he was not -- >> honestly, charlie, he hadn't -- he was counting on others to -- he had other duties and responsibilities so when he learned what had been in the platform was taken out he said put it back in. >> learned yesterday? >> yes. >> the problem is it contradicts with the administration. there is a split in the party about it. >> majority of the sell gation in the democratic national convention supported the previous language. the third time was still failed but just pushed through. >> bret: so it is already in one ad. allen west in florida saying that democrats voted against god and jerusalem three times. does this go anyplace from here?
3:46 pm
>> i don't know is the answer. this is a mess! if we weren't hearing big speeches from significant people every night, this would be a significant story. they have had so much trouble, just getting their story straight. we still don't have an idea as clinton suggests the president's position on this, which is incredible of two-and-a-half days of the back and forth. this would be big mess if it were getting attention in the mainstream press but it's not. "new york times" had literally two paragraphs about this. buried in its big convention story. 13 paragraphs on kennedy. >> bret: if this was a republican convention and this much chaos about a plat tomorrow that dealt with two big items. >> i think this is a self-inflicted wound. totally avoidable. yes, the policy of the obama administration just like the bush administration is that jerusalem is final status issue and it should be worked out by the parties, but this
3:47 pm
was a problem that they could have avoided. they didn't need. i think it will be the subject of ads. it was a misstep of the convention. it put it above changing the venue, a risk they took and didn't work out. but this was totally avoidable. unforced error. >> bret: palestinians are weighing in, brit. jewish groups are weighing in. i mean, no one is really happy here. >> this has legs. main stream media, as steve suggested, ignored it. but this is one of those cases where if the republican party and if the romney campaign chooses to make a big deal out of this, and press it with the huge war chest they have for ads they may make headway with it. but beyond that, it's not clear to me platforms are still not very important anymore. this was bungled, but still just a pla platform issue. >> bret: coming up, we just received excerpts from the president's speech tonight. we'll go over and preview what president obama has to do. stay with us.
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i just want to begin by saying how much i regret that we are not gathering together in one place to deliver my acceptance speech tonight. obviously, i'm looking forward to laying out what are the stakes in the election and the mission for the future. >> the excerpts that are put out, i hear the president is going to report on the promises he made. how reperformed to the promises i'd love to watch it. if it's another series of new promises he is not going to keep, i have no interest in seeing him. the american people deserve to know why he did not keep his promises. >> bret: mitt romney with his own preview of president obama speech tonight. first we hear from the vice president and then we hear
3:52 pm
from president obama. we received excerpts from the obama campaign. among them, this. i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. the truth is it will take more than a few years to solve challenges that built up over decades. he will, we're told, get specific about manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and the deficit. back to the panel. steve, your thought, you are looking at the excerpts and what the president has to do. >> i am very struck by the specificity of his goals here. reduce the deficit by more than $4 trillion in the decade. support 600,000 natural gas jobs. things of this nature with very specific numbers attached. those are basically worthless. this president in particular will have a hard time convincing people to take him seriously when he makes those promises, when he makes those pledges. this is a guy who came in office and said unemployment would be under 8%.
3:53 pm
8.3%. it should be 5.6% now. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he hasn't come close to that. you deal with entitlement and debt in his first month. he never has dealt with that. we're four years in. what is it that people, what is going to make people stop and say now i should pay attention to you? >> bret: obama campaign senior aides said this is not about magic, about recapturing the magic of 2008. it is going to be about laying the path forward. the question is: can he fire people up with that? he delivered more than 50 speeches on healthcare during that, before the vote. >> he is going to have to fire people up. that is what this convention is about. i think the other speakers made the delegates there very enthusiastic. see how much help it does with the voters outside the hall. these are a list of aspirationm goals. it's different than saying i'm going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. i'm surprised immigration isn't in the speech.
3:54 pm
i'd be surprised if we didn't hear about it tonight. one thing to say i'll reduce the deficit by $4 trillion in the next decade, which is what bowles-simpson does do if he were willing to adopt that. he needs to explain how he is going to do that. people have heard these goals before. i don't think he needs to give a "state of the union" speech with a laundry list of policies but he has to get specifics. people need a clear idea of what a second term with him would be. >> it's worth noting these are goals, these are not promises. these are not penals. he is not saying it will happen. these are his goals. well, what is that worth? the other thing that is notable about this. we heard this interestingly from the republicans. they kept saying we can't solve our problem -- we can solve our problems and this can be done. that is appropriate message for out party rying to get in with disillusioned electorate wondering if the problems can be solved but it's another with a incumbent president saying the problems can beed.
3:55 pm
the implication is they have not been. challenges can be met. obviously they have been. the path may be harder. what does he mean? it's difficult as it has been in the last four years? who will vote for that? >> bret: right. steve to your point of bringing down the deficit and debt overall, republicans are putting out specific things that when he says $4 trillion in deficit reduction is from spending tricks and different maneuvers. they are already prebudding the speech. >> remember, he has done this before. the president, he dop embrace simpson-bowles -- he didn't embrace simpson-bowles fully. when he put out the 2012 budget he had a chorus of critics including many friendly voices like dana millbank at the "washington post" who excoriated the president for not being serious, not putting out a serious document. he has yet to deal with the issues in a serious way. i don't expect people will believe him when he says he is going to now. >> bret: the budget was voted down unanimously in the senate and the house.
3:56 pm
senate hasn't brought up a new budget for three years really. mara, i guess the question is: after all of this time, would something that doesn't really have teeth pass? >> i don't think it would pass. mitt romney did give the president an opening because he wasn't specific. he didn't put a lot of meat on the bones in tampa. he was broad and general about his own goals. this is an opportunity for the president to go big and be bold. and it seems like from the excerpts that he is choosing to play it safe. romney was criticized for the same thing. he will be leaving something on the table if that is all there is. >> bret: i bet it will be shorter than president clinton's speech. >> i suspect it will start on time, too. >> bret: final thoughts after a break. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ?
3:57 pm
that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined.
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>> fine lyrics we hope you'll stay with us here on fox news channel, all evening for the final night of the democratic convention. we will have vice president biden's speech and then president obama's nomination acceptance speech, along with all the reaction and analysis yo


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